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Welcome to the homepage of the 147.18 Repeater, located in Monroe County, NY.  The repeater is owned and maintained by Brad Armstrong, W1YX; and is affiliated with the Rochester Radio Repeater Association.

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The W1YX repeater is free and available to all licensed radio amateurs for both casual and emergency communications.  There is also no fee for the use of the repeater autopatch.  In fact, there are no membership dues or service charges of any kind.  The repeater site is owned by Virginia Hartley, KC2FUJ.  My thanks to her for its continued use.  Virginia also kindly encourages the use of her generator, located at the repeater site, to keep the repeater on the air during extended power outages.

The repeater is located at the geographic center of Monroe County, NY; and has good mobile coverage of most of the County.  It even covers the elusive low spots of Greece, Hamlin, Webster, and Fairport.  Mobile coverage is also useable into Avon in Livingston County.  Also covered are the Western portions of  Ontario, Walworth, and Macedon in Wayne County.  Handheld coverage seems to be limited to Greece, Gates, Chili, and much of the City of Rochester.  Reports on how coverage is in different areas are always appreciated.

To access the repeater you will need to use a PL tone of 110.9 Hz.  This does not mean the repeater is "closed" in any sense of the word, even though the ARRL Repeater Directory continues to insist on referring to repeaters with PL tone on them in this way.  The repeater transmits the same tone, so you can put your radio into the "tone-squelch" mode.  This will greatly reduce interference on receive at your radio, especially if it has wideband receive as most do these days.  Those marketing consumer grade amateur radio equipment such as Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu usually refer to the PL tone as CTCSS in their manuals, which stands for Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System.  This is because PL, or "Private Line",  is a Motorola trademark.

The autopatch does not use a digital accumulator.  This means that you should wait about two seconds after sending the standard "up" tone before you start dialing your call.  This gives the controller time to pick up the telephone line and for the telephone company to send a dial tone.  When you dial your tones are sent directly through to the telephone company.  Calls using the autopatch are limited to exchanges within the 585 area code which the telephone company considers "local" or "non-toll" from the repeater site.

It should also be noted that the repeater does not generally block DTMF tones from passing to the transmitter or the autopatch.  This may be helpful to you if you wish to use tones to remotely control personal equipment by radio or telephone.  Please don't forget to follow 47 CFR 97.119 by giving your ID when you do so.  You may very occasionally find that DTMF tones are being muted by the controller if it has been reset by an unexpected loss of power.  On the other hand, PL tones are purposefully filtered by the Comspec board so that the only PL tone appearing on the transmitter output will be the standard 110.9 Hz injected at the exciter stage.



W1YX Repeater Sponsors


Brian Howlett, KC2GMI

Ross Mazzola, KC2LOC

Bill Hopkins, AA2YV





W1YX Repeater Donations


No dues, fees, or donations are expected for the use of the repeater.  That being said, donations to support the repeater will be gratefully accepted.  Expenses for upgrades, maintenance, repairs, utilities, gas for the generator, and so on are always there.  To donate by U.S. Mail please make your check or money-order payable to "Brad Armstrong" and send it to:

To donate electronically you may do so through PayPal by clicking the button below.  Donations can be made using your MasterCard, Visa, or personal bank account with this method.



Amateur Radio Organizations


To support repeaters in Rochester and Monroe County, New York, please consider joining the Rochester Radio Repeater Association.


To support amateur radio in general in the Greater Rochester Region of New York State, and to enjoy taking part in the area's active amateur community, please consider joining the Rochester Amateur Radio Association.


To support amateur radio in the United States and amateur radio interests around the world, and to get many excellent member benefits; please consider joining the Amateur Radio Relay League.  As an ARRL member you can also choose to support your local community with volunteer service to the ARRL Field Organization, including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the National Traffic System.  I have never regretted being an active member of the League.


Any of these organizations can accept general donations on a tax-deductible basis as well.  RARA even allows you to earmark the donations for education or scholarship if you wish.


More Local Amateur Radio Organizations



Rochester Area Repeater Listing


For a helpful catalog of repeaters available in the Greater Rochester Region of New York State consult the Rochester Amateur Repeater List maintained at great personal risk by Dale Fravel, N2LWY, and Tim Magee, WB2KAO.



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